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The Company

GiftofKnowlege.org is a division of the Cooper Education Foundation, a non-profit corporation. Further information regarding the non-profit status is available upon request. For this agreement, the Cooper Education Foundation and GiftofKnowledge.org are one in the same.

The Service

GiftofKnowledge.org is a internet application that collects donations. GiftofKnowledge.org recieves these donations and with those funds makes donations to schools. To the extent possible, GiftofKnowledge.org will follow suggestions from donors as to the direction of funds, but ultimate and final decision as to the use of donated funds remains with GiftofKnowledge.org management. GiftofKnowledge.org does not represent, work on behalf of, or fundraise on behalf of any school or organization other than GiftofKnowledge.org.


Donations made to GiftofKnowledge.org are non-refundable and final.

Governing Law

GiftofKnowledge.org offices are in California, USA. The website can be accessed from anywhere in world, but by utilizing this site, the user agrees to settle all disputes in the appropriate jurisdiction closest to or in San Francisco, CA, USA.

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Limitations of Warranties

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Limited Liabilities

Claims against GiftofKnowledge.org are limited to the total dollar amount of actual losses associated with the incident from which the claim arose.