Making donations with Gift of Knowledge

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    Pledge to donate

    By signing up with Gift of Knowledge, you pledge to make a regular monthly donation to a school of your choice.

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    A little becomes a lot

    Even the smallest of amounts adds up. Starting at $5.00 per month you can make a big difference.

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    $ Direct to school

    The money you donate is sent to your specific school. Funds are verified and reported on quarterly.


What is Gift of Knowledge?

Gift of Knowledge is a 501(c)3 non-profit. We were incorporated on December 16, 2012. Our mission is to fundraise on behalf of public schools. We run a web application at to support that mission.

What can I do on this website?

You can donate to the schools of your choice on Find a school, select a monthly amount you are willing to pledge, and enter your email and credit card information.

What happens after I pledge to donate to a school?

Once a month, Gift of Knowledge will charge your credit card. You will receive a receipt via email. You can change the amount of your pledge or cancel the pledge at any time.

What is the optional 15% donation?

By checking this box, 15 percent of your donation will be allocated towards keeping the lights on at Gift of Knowledge. Our high-tech, world class web application is a very cost efficient method to raise funds, but it still has some bills. We utilize technology to its fullest to keep costs down, but there are still expenses like credit card processing, web hosting, and a few amazing staff members. The 15% is used to keep our lean and mean non-profit operating and achieve our goal of improving educational outcomes for today's public school students.

If you pledge $100/month and opt-in to the 15% donation, $85/month would be designated for the school and $15/month would be used to run the Gift of Knowledge non-profit.

When does my donation go to the school?

Gift of Knowledge aggregates donations once a quarter and sends one check to the schools who have received donations during that quarter.